Kingsferry Boat Club Rules

All the clubs facilities are used at your own risk

1) All members to be held responsible for insuring their own boats and mooring them in a seaman like manner in accordance with the Medway ports authority recommendations such as mooring to be laid in the positions marked on the plans approved by the MPA a copy of which is displayed at the club

2) The name of the members vessel to be displayed in a prominent position on the vessel

3) Moorings to be marked at all times by suitable buoys bearing the name of the vessel or plan position of the vessel

4) Any member repeatedly failing to comply to the Medway ports authority regulations will be reported to the authority

5) Members must at all times keep the foreshore in a neat and tidy condition

6) Any complaint or dispute must be reported to the honorary secretary or the committee for discussion by the committee

7) All members will be expected to assist with the work of improving and maintaining the clubs facilities

8) Members acquiring a different vessel must notify the honorary secretary in writing giving name length and full description of the vessel on the appropriate form before the boat enters the club

9) Members are NOT permitted to transfer mooring permanently to either another club member or any outside party without the specific consent of the committee

10) Any member repeatedly ignoring or refusing to obey the club rules will be asked to resign

11) Any member whose membership has lapsed or who has left the club forfeits their right to any mooring

12) Visitors, on request and with the permission of the mooring holder, may use vacant moorings temporarily

13) All moorings must be laid within two months from allocation or the right to mooring will be forfeit

14) The overall length of vessels permitted within the club area shall not exceed 10.9 M or 36FT

15) The committee shall exercise control over the foreshore and salting within the club mooring area

16) The mooring master(s) shall be the only persons authorised by the committee to verify vessel measurements

17) All dinghies or tenders to be kept locked; the main gate, water supply and all huts are not to be left unlocked

18) It is a specific condition of joining the club that any member upon leaving the club (whether voluntary or not) will remove their vessel as soon as the membership lapses and furthermore unconditionally agrees to any vessel remaining on a club mooring or within the club jurisdiction to being disposed of as the committee sees fit and any costs incurred will be recovered by legal means if necessary from the owner(s) concerned

19) Any existing members / new members after 10/06/2012 that wish to introduce a boat partner will have to comply to the following:

      1) The partner  must join as a social member

      2) Must also pay the joining fee.

      3) If the partner joins an existing member he/she will start the seniority list from the date they joined (e.g. if the vessel owner retired from the club and            the partner retains the vessel or wishes to introduce their own vessel they would not retain the existing mooring instead they would be moved to the           inside lane and according to the seniority list move moorings accordingly)

      4) Any existing boat partners prior to 10/06/2012 will retain their existing place within the seniority list, if they wish to continue their membership            should the vessel owner retire from the club they would adopt all responsibility and accept the costs and upkeep of the mooring

20) The club will not tolerate gross misconduct, violence, threatening behavior, or abuse, to any other members of the club or members of the club committee this will lead to disciplinary action and possibly removal from the club

21) Any members or guests of members under the age of 18 must at all times wear a buoyancy aid within the clubs boundaries on the water

22) No weapons or fire arms are permitted on club property at any time

23) All mooring chains shackles and buoys to be inspected minimum once per year and maintained to a safe and secure standard

24) The pontoon is for loading and unloading only. No dinghies or boats are to be moored to the pontoon unless agreed by the committee or in case of an emergency

25) Members are permitted up to two dinghies (maximum 10ft). The 2nd dinghy must be contained within the 1st dinghy i.e. one on top of the other. Dinghies exceeding this will incur a fee of £40 per year

26) The club does not accept commercial vessels to be moored or operate from the within the club’s boundary (this also includes sales, services or anything associated with a commercial activity)

Please Read Club Rules First Before Filling In Membership Form By clicking On The Accept Button You Agree To All Rules.